About us

We are passionate about health, innovation and community. With us, it is high in ceiling, not only in our fresh new office in Krokslätt’s factories, but also in our corporate culture where everyone can contribute with ideas and suggestions for improvements.
At NJIE, we think it is important to feel good and find balance in life. Moving is part of our work culture and with training we build team spirit and common goals. 

It´s your thoughts that stop you,” says Assan, knocking his head. “You know you can do it, if you just decide it will work.

It´s morning and we are in the middle of the obligatory training session that our CEO and former MMA fighter runs at our conferences. First a little smooth start and then more strength and speed. We do our exercises with our own body weight together with equivalent opponents. When it’s time for the wheelbarrow, no one can stop laughing. And the sight when two walks carrying each other over the finish line is unbeatable. Sweaty and tired we leave the training with the feeling that we are all winners.

In addition to our own organization of about 60 people in Sweden and Finland, we are also represented via distributors Norway, Denmark, Estonia and Iceland. The goal is to establish NJIE in several markets in Europe in the coming years.

Our Office

Do you feel like taking a meeting at the walking band in one of the conference rooms? Or sit down in a Fatboy in the yoga corner when it’s time to read a text? Then you’ve come to the right place. We sit in bright, lovely rooms in Krokslätts Fabriker with windows from floor to ceiling. In order to increase the presence between the departments and speed up creativity, we work in open office landscape. At meetings or external visits, just book “Knock Out” or “Challenger” – some of the several conference and extra rooms available to choose from. In “Time Out” you can relax if you need a break or use the massage chair.

Winner culture – Businessmanship – Participation – Driving Force – Commitment

We are a valued company and work actively with our values. We work hard, but at the same time we make sure to have fun in the meantime.  Every month we have so-called valuation breakfasts where we start the day with a lovely breakfast and remind each other that together we can move mountains.

What we do today we can do a better tomorrow

We have the courage to question existing solutions and products. With us, it is important to think outside the box, experiment and fail a little sometimes. We are constantly looking for better ways to develop without losing speed. Everything we do today we can simply do a little better tomorrow.

If we grow – you grow!

NJIE is one of Sweden’s fastest growing companies and with us there is a chance to develop. 
We strive to offer a safe and developing workplace where everyone is satisfied. Without our fantastic employees, we would never have been so successful and therefore we take a little extra care of our staff. If you as an employee feel good and get developing challenges, we are convinced that everyone has the opportunity to grow and perform as best they can. 

Our own health team – has the task of including all employees in the organization in activities tailored to work conditions and level. Here it is not just about training but also about stress management, sleep, diet and well-being. 

Some examples of activities are:

Walk and talk, meeting walks in the forest

Thursday training with yoga, strength or running

Lectures on stress or diet

common micropauses

Available positions

We are constantly looking for new employees to NJIE. Klick here to read more about our vacancies.